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Using Your Own Database to Build Your Business.

I am not an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) person. For most of my life, all sorts of business people have seen me a great sales person, and many have been determined to get me into the upline or downline or similar. The truth is, I am not a great salesperson, but rather a person who matches needs and wants with suitable markets.

The fact is, I have always worked with companies that supplied something that filled a “space” in the market. In fact, the first 20 years of my career was in the “grocery” market, and a large part of that was in confectionery. Today, there is a fair kick back against that area because of obesity and sugar’s contribution.

The thing I have learned from MLMs is the power of your database. Part of the MLM philosophy is that you are helping people develop a better life for themselves and you are helping them save money. And while both things may be right, the fact is the HO is leveraging your contacts, your database for mutual benefits.

  • When you start a business or when you are looking to grow your business, the first thing you need to do is build lists, start them with “friends”, or ask your friends, “do you have any contacts that could use my products &/?or services”, it is a simple request.
  • Next, build 3 types of lists, (1) Industry Specific, that use your product (2) Broader Group, other uses or users of your product i.e outside the square thinking (3) Specifiers, if you had a building product you could approach architects; this is a long-term list strategy.
  • Finally, you create an integrated strategy around your lists that may include, direct mail, eMarketing, tele-calling to follow up or to instigate email send.

While this was previously much simpler, i.e. you mailed out a bunch of letters, if they got past the receptionist, you were doing well. Then the letter needed to be well-crafted to get attention, then you followed up with a call.

Today, things are more complex by 10, but if you follow the rules, do the right thing in accordance with ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) you can continue to market your product for a reasonable cost. Moreover, your return on outlay can be highly encouraging.

We build lists, provide email marketing and email marketing accounts for you to run your own programmes.

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