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Trying To Build a Business?

In these days of Shark Tanks, and the easy launch programmes, one thing is true; setting u and running a business is no easy task, and it all begins with what you are trying to do. I recently red a blog from Set Godin, who asked if you wanted to have a Taxi or a Cruise Ship.

How many of us start out thinking we are going to get to Cruiser from Taxi, and it’s never going to happen!

Scaling up needs to be a plan from the start. Sure your plan needs to be set to tick off the weekly, monthly and quarterly goals, but the Taxi business is a hands-on operation, even if you end up with 10 Taxis.

The architecture of a Cruiser needs to be vastly different, for starters it needs to Float, that may be physically and economically.

There are choices, in an earlier blog I spoke of a pathway from Freelancer to a Consulting practice, this is a growth structure and pathway, but this is still a “Taxi”. You work for yourself, you may well employ many people, but it is unlikely to ever be a listed company. This is ok, but know your trajectory, because one of the greatest paths to failure is losing focus because the closest to becoming a Cruiser is to branch out into Water Taxis.


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