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Privacy is Not so Private

It is hard to imagine that today’s Australia bears any resemblance to its 20th century iteration.
In 1985, the time of the Hawke/Keating government proposed an Australia Card, it had all the good and logical reasons to stop tax avoidance, welfare fraud and so on. The Australian people erupted.

Eventually, Hawke called a double dissolution after repeatedly failing to get the Australia Card bill passed. The 1987 election saw Hawke returned but with less power. Nonetheless, we have seen the Medicare Card, licences and more become a part of identification process. In fact, licences the country over have photos.

But today Malcolm Turnbull wants carte blanche, with the ability to access all our data from states, and their licencing.

Malcolm wants to keep us safe, but my question is “From Who”?

The fact is, we have had a handful of events that can be classified as terrorism. It is ironic that in the USA, there greatest ever “terrorist event” has been conducted by a white, Anglo American, not a black or brown guy, not a Muslim!

So, who does Malcolm want to keep us safe from? Experts such as Professor Katina Michaels, Fergus Hanson and other, leading experts on privacy, are warning us, that this is a slippery slope. And seriously, Malcolm Turnbull was the orchestrator of NBN Mk11 and that is an abject (fibre to the node) failure; so now we give him the option to muck with our photos and link to other data? We must be joking!

Here is my task to you, over recent times (about 3 years) the government has been building the great edifice, called MyGov website. It was to be the mother of all sites. It would link everyone with Centrelink, Medicare, Tax and you can access all areas.

Now this is not fully functioning and anything outside 23 items needs to be claimed through an App, or post or going to Centrelink office. My point is, this and other governments seem incapable of managing data, we know the Department of Human Services IT capabilities are fraught, and yet we give more, not less access to our data.

It’s a real problem in my eyes, not for me, I’ll be dead in a few years, but my grandchildren will be caught in the mess we leave behind. A 3 word catchphrase will not make it better!

But seriously, Australia 1985 & 1987 would be railing, what has happened to us?

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