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Don’t Miss The Signs!

So often we ask for signs in our life, yet we keep walking past them day after day.

I remember watching a Derren Brown video (he does hypnosis and more on television). He had selected a town that appeared to be “unlucky”, one guy, I think the butcher, said, nothing lucky ever happens to him.

Brown set about showing that this butcher and many others, just didn’t keep their eyes open. They laid money on the ground in his path, he walked straight over it. In the end they had a truck with a loud speaker calling his name to collect a prize.

As you can see, by the name of this Blog, I have an affinity to the notion of the Red Hand  from the legendary past of the O’Neill clan of Ireland. And I am in the process of creating T Shirts with Endangered Species from around Australia, but just like the butcher in the Derren Brown video, I had come across a Red Hand Fish, an Australian, critically endangered, fish.

It was certainly a sign, but it took me days to realise the connection to me and my possibilities. Though a tenuous link, I saw it as being a fish that may be lost to humanity, but Dualitees, will be doing our best to save a fellow Red Hand!

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