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Broadband Marketing & Unhappy Customers

Talk about clever marketing, as the NBN rolls out across Australia, we have all the promises of delivery being made, and pretty much not being delivered.

The NBN are saying we have done our job, it’s the ISPs(Internet Service Providers Telstra, Optus, TPG, MyRepublic et al) who are not delivering. The ACCC (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission) and the Telecommunications Ombudsmen is saying complaints have never been so high.

From a marketing point of view we have a rich basket of lies and over-promise, then cataclysmic under-deliver. How can these two groups (the ISPs & the Consumers) get closer together? They can’t, without some serious re-think on the business model. The ISPs are operating like a gym, hoping everyone they sign-up doesn’t arrive at the same time and all want to use the same equipment. Clearly, not everyone who signs up for a gym package shows up at 5 PM, in fact some never show up.

But today, with major streaming platforms running on the “internet of things” the likelihood of families with numerous devices running different downloads the bandwidth will be strained.

Never is the adage, “all marketers are liars” been so self-evident.

These telcos offer a great example of “what not to do”. Truly, when we market to consumers no matter what segment,to  over-promise and under-deliver is the Capital Sin that can destroy a 100 years of great work.

In your business compact with your stakeholders, comes down to a trite saying, Do what you say and say what you do and vice versa


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