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Aaah Exhuberance of Youth

Today there is a big story in the news, only because it has been driven by Youtube hits.

In Northern NSW there is a dam, with a spillway! Some bright, enthusiastic young people have found that surfing the spillway is exciting, exhilarating, exhausting and more!

Back in the day, a mate was teaching kids with learning issues, and this school was led by an innovative headmaster and equally innovative teachers. Brian had these kids building things, including canoes, then take them out on the Parramatta River. I came along to help on evenings and weekends, with the building.

The bonus extra curricula activity was to take the canoes on trips. But most importantly was to go to rivers after seriously heavy and flooding rains. Of course, in those days we never wore life jackets, so I had one serious drowning issue and a 10 mile out-of-canoe experience that never deterred me.

Our dam of choice for spillway events was Wyangala out near Cowra. The great issue with dam spillways is the need to drag your canoe back up to get in the start of the flooding rapids; that was exhausting! But it was such a great experience, and I am sure these young people on the spillway are having equally as good a time. I must say, I wish I were there with them!

So, I’ll just have to be satisfied with Youtube!

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