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What About Social Media? Can that help my new or mid-stream business?

Of course, it can, but what do you know about it? How much time are you prepared to devote to it?

The key to any sort of marketing is that you do some ground work, or if you neither have the time or the inclination, get a small to medium consulting/marketing firm to help. But firstly, work out your budget. And while you have their attention get them to do a quick review of your online presence. That’s right, there is a time when a couple of rough pages for a website works, but if you want people to take you seriously, you need to look like you care.

The old saying, perception is reality, was never more true than with your online presence. Further, that site of yours, needs to be mobile friendly!

Back to Social Media, there are some rules to follow-

  1. Your personal/family site should not be mixed with your business Facebook site. That is not to say, that you shouldn’t invite friends who have the potential to buy, recommend &/or be supportive of your enterprise. Frankly, you don’t want baby photos etc mixed up with your pet project.
  2. Make sure you invite your “database” to join you, then you must make sure you have something to add to the “thread” or latest industry event or your latest promotion. Keep things lively.
  3. Twitter is a great forum for business people, these days you can add images and videos without losing all the 140 characters.
  4. Linkedin is still the goto social media for keeping up to date with business, your industry or the latest plugin. Remember, business communication is a 2 way street, you not only need to send information out, you must listen to the heartbeat of business generally. The great thing about being a small/medium business is your flexibility, you can turn your strategy around in a fraction of the time your competition takes, use this to advantage.
  5. Instagram, is a great way of telling “picture stories”, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.
  6. Finally, all of these forms of “information” delivery are only as good as your capacity to create and flow content to the waiting followers. Importantly, peoples’ attention span is getting shorter and shorter, and if you leave them hungry they will follow the next shiny object, but if you over-feed them you risk being dumped completely. It is a fine line!

The great thing about marketing in today’s world is that there are cost effective ways of getting your message out. My first website went up in 1994, it was a 1 pager, that was impossible to find unless you knew the exact address, it cost a modest amount on top of the price of a seminar.

My first serious site cost thousands of $s and considerable fees to have it hosted, even my first domain cost around $350.

These days our business provides Australian Domains for $35 for 2 years, we host websites from $150 pa, and we build websites from $1500, with the basic elements of your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) completed. And no doubt you can get some sites (without the bells) for less.

We invite you to come back to our blog for hints and helps with your business, and in the near future we will have guest bloggers to talk to you about Crowd Funding and SMSF (Self-Managed Super Funds).

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