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Starting a Business is Easy, making it Last Requires More Than a Good Idea

built from those ideas often need some “tinkering” to get them fully targeted. The way you manage this possibility is to have a contingency fund put aside, to fund those eventualities.

Finally, threats, often, someone close to the coalface of a product or service can identify a “disrupter” service or product that fills a need/want for less or more effectively. The Uber/Taxi contest is a great example. Was the Taxi service a threat to the launch of Uber? Of course, but the Mammoth Taxi industry had had things sown up for so long, they simply got in their own road. They became extremely ineffective. So, don’t be the taxi industry, be a disrupter! Be the THREAT!

In Australia, there is an eroding of fulltime jobs, we have one of the worst “fulltime” employment rates in the OECD. This, in itself drives people to “self-employment. Coincidentally, one of the most successful pathways to employment, in terms of government schemes, is the NEIS Scheme (New Enterprise Incentive Scheme). It couples training with a supportive payments pathway for the unemployed. You need a good idea, and must study and build a business case for approval.

Importantly, there are some overseas entrepreneurial schemes trying to raise their heads in Australia, as I write this. Follow the Thread of the Redhand and we will let you know about updates.

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