Welcome to the Redhand Threads Blog!

This blog started as a marketing tome on a “leftover domain” from another project, but much like the days of my grandma using up leftover pastry to make us kids small tarts, this blog is about to become the leftover online tarts.

Redhand Threads had its inception from the story of the Redhand of the O’Neills, O’Nialls and Niall. It is said that in medieval times there was a Celtic expedition which saw Ireland rising from the mist and a boat race was organised to decide who would be the High King of this land, the first to touch land to be the victor. The race ultimately came down to two protagonists, and as Niall, seeing his rival was gaining advantage, drew his battle axe chopped off his left hand and threw it to shore, making him the winner. This was the beginning of the legend that is the Redhand of the O’Neills.

The writer and instigator of this blog is an O’Neill, and the story has permeated his thinking since hearing the story in his childhood. While somewhat macabre, that has never been the focus, but more that notion of never giving up. In fact, he has often tried to give the Redhand breath in business without success. It was from such a process that this logo was developed for a completely different matter, one which never reached the light of day, until the idea of Threads of a Conversation could finally give Redhand Threads its chance.

This is another example of every thought or idea may not be the answer to starting or continuing an enterprise, but it may be the Thread that joins with another that gives breath to a giant enterprise. We certainly hope so.


At the funeral of a good mate, and probably one of the most successful people I have ever known, we were told of the precept, […]

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